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Life Changing

I must admit when I saw a clip on my local news (KLTV) about this product it looked pretty odd. At my wife's insistence, I skeptically ordered one. It arrived quickly and I had it installed in less then 10 minutes. Hooking it to the mower's battery was easy and the components were all nice quality. Still skeptical, I set off to mow a couple of dusty acres in late summer on my zero turn which usually resulted in a couple of days of itchy eyes and sinus issues. I could not believe how well it worked! It was surprisingly comfortable and I could see out of it as if I wasn't wearing anything. I expected it to fog and get dirty quickly but neither happened. The air blowing on top of my head eliminated the normal sweat in our Texas heat. You can hear the blower motor in the face shield but soon as the mower is turned on I don't even notice it. As crazy as it sounds, for someone that mows a lot this is life changing. Even better, once my wife and daughters tried it, they started doing a lot of the mowing for me. I also adapted it to mount on my tractor and had equal success while bush hogging. I hit a limb one day and damaged the mount. Expecting to be down for a while, I emailed the company that night and much to my surprise had a reply the next morning. They quickly sent me a replacement part at a reasonable price AND followed up with a phone call! Its great to find a product designed AND made in the USA that also has great support- we need more of this in our country!

Ronnie, it’s amazing to hear how this has helped make mowing more enjoyable for you and your family. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review and share your experience with this product. We value you as a customer, and hope you’ll reach out if you ever have any issues in the future.

Great Product! I wouldn't mow without it!

I purchased this from a local dealer here in Tennessee in September 2021 after a friend shared a news video about it. This is not a paid review. I have severe allergies and mowing grass and leaves is a problem. This is the first time I didn't have to use a cloth mask and run in to take a shower as soon as I was done with the yard work. I use this with my Cub Cadet riding mower. I couldn't attach it to the mower directly, so I wore it with the belt. It's great! I like that you can change the HEPA filter and easily remove the hose for cleaning. I loved it so much, I bought the battery pack to use while I use the weed-eater and blower. It's easy to switch between the mower and battery pack. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from allergies.

Thank you for the wonderful and helpful review. We appreciate it, and we are glad our product has helped!

Great product-Well priced

I field-tested the prototype of this product well over a year ago. Great concept, works well, especially using a Cyclone Rake to vacuum up leaves.
The finished product has great improvements and upgrades.
I highly recommend Mowing With A Breeze for everybody doing yard maintenance,

Thank you for your great review! We are so happy you enjoy using Mowing with a Breeze!

Hood/shield is Great

The hood/shield is great. The Hepa filtration system, not so much. The humming sound from the filtration sound while mowing is not worth using the filtration system. All connection points should be made more secure as they come apart to easily. Would love to have an improved model. The overall concept is exceptionally good.

We appreciate your review. For your protection, we recommend hearing protection as stated on our website and on the motor itself. Most motors create sound or humming. Placement on the motor will determine how much. The connection points come apart for easy cleaning of the hose. If there was an issue, we would have hoped you would have reached out to us sooner, so we could address it. We would be happy to provide helpful tips and information to help!