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Meet the Mowing With a Breeze Team

In June of 2020, an idea was born in Allons, TN. Inventor, Carl Davis, who mows several hundred acres on a regular basis, suffers from severe allergies from grass, dust, and pollen. He came up with an idea to make his mowing experience a little more comfortable. He brought the idea to his longtime friend, Mike Fultz, and together they continued to develop the concept.

Contacts were made, and great minds came together to engineer and manufacture Mowing with a Breeze, an airflow system that offers circulated, HEPA-filtrated air to the wearer that decreases inhalation of irritating dust, pollen, and debris.

Mike was at a restaurant in east Tennessee one day and struck up a conversation with Moonshiner, Mark Ramsey, and Mike told him about his exciting new product. Mark was impressed and told him that years ago he used to mow grass for a living for almost twenty years and would have done anything to have something like this back then. Mike gave one of the units to Mark and asked him if he would like to take it home and try it for a few days and let him know what he thought about it. Mark was very impressed, and he told his friend, Moonshiner, Digger Manes, all about it. Soon after, Mark and Digger joined the Mowing with a Breeze family.

Since its inception, it has expanded and is now available in a battery pack unit that can be worn while using a weed eater, or with a leaf blower. Many customers are sharing their positive experience with reviews on the website and on social media platforms. For customers who suffer from allergies, the unit is very versatile, and some customers are even using it in their work shops.

Mowing with a Breeze is manufactured in Jamestown Kentucky and is proudly made in the USA.

Mowing Mask to help with Allergies