Collection: Face Masks For Mowing

Mowing your lawn is hard work. It's hot, it's dusty, and you constantly have to deal with irritated eyes or nose due to allergies from breathing dirt and gunk all day.

Why not make mowing easier and more enjoyable? With our face mask, you will get fresh air while doing yardwork without having to break a sweat!

Our face mask connects directly to your mower battery (or our optional mobile battery pack) so that you can enjoy a cool airflow throughout your yard as you cut grass, weed eat or use your blower. This mowing mask will blow HEPA-filtered air over the top of your head, keeping you cool while you work.  The biggest benefit of this system is that it will blow all dirt, dust, pollen, and gunk away from your face, helping you breathe easier while doing your yardwork!

Unfortunately… Mowing With a Breeze won’t cure you of your allergies, it will however, keep your yardwork from causing them to act up.