Mowing Allergies Solved By Mowing With a Breeze

Central Texas man designs mask to make mowing your lawn a breeze

Mike Fultz and his friend Carl Davis think they have just the solution for those who mow or use open air machinery regularly.

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Mark & Digger From Moonshiners Talk Mowing With A Breeze

Daytime Tri-Cities News Interviews Mark & Digger From Moonshiners


(WJHL) Mark and Digger from the show Moonshiners tell us about a new product that helps those with allergies during mowing season.

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Mowing With A Breeze is proudly made in the USA. Manufactured in Jamestown, Kentucky.

In June 2020, an idea was born in Allons, TN to add a little more comfort to the mowing experience. Contacts were made and great minds came together to engineer an airflow system that offers circulated, filtrated air to the wearer and decreased inhalation of irritating dust, pollen, and debris.Now you can mow, then use your weed eater, and blower to finish the job with the new battery pack unit for Mowing With A Breeze. We are revolutionizing lawn care. Put Mowing With A Breeze to work to improve your mowing experience.